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While the bottle may be authentic

dodano: 31 stycznia, 04:37 przez alminumsjintes

Since the production cost for these drugs are limited and lower compared to the real medicines, they cannot compete in terms of packaging quality. Even big-name, major-chain pharmacies also get infiltrated by counterfeit medicines since these drugs can really look like the real thing. Medicines are produced by real pharmaceuticals in carefully controlled environments, which means that irregularities in the drugs are not by accident. Different packaging materialsThe low cost of counterfeit drug production poses limitations when it comes to packaging.

One mistake manufacturers often commit is labeling counterfeit medications in foreign language. Often, manufacturers cannot compete with the original pharmaceuticals in the quality of packaging materials. The reason for this is the lack of quality in the equipment. Medicines are required by international standards to be labeled in English with supplementary translations in a number of major foreign languages for global distribution. Below are some signs of adulterated content in prescription medications: 1. Make it a practice to double-check purchases and keep in mind to report any suspicious medication to a pharmacist prior to taking them.

Seals are also important indicators of quality; so PET bottle manufacturers if they are broken, it means that the quality of the products has been compromised. Signs of Adulterated Content While some counterfeit drugs are obviously fake judging from the packaging alone, others are more carefully disguised. The colors may have rubbed off and produced faded patches in the labels. Irregularities in contentInstead of producing their own version of the prescription drug, some manufacturers of counterfeit medications resort to mixing up authentic and fake pills

The reason for this is that while the bottle may be authentic, its contents may be changed or adulterated. Change in appearanceWhile the equipment used in the manufacture of fake and authentic prescription medication is similar, there can be slight differences in color, texture, smell, and size of the medicines or syrups. Some pharmaceuticals engrave their brand name on each pill for authentication, so if there are pills without engraving, the contents may have been tampered with.

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