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Maine took a bit longer

dodano: 27 marca, 03:44 przez alminumsjintes

New York State Liquor Authority stated that the label had originally been banned at a staff level . For one of their special holiday beers, Ridgeway brewers had Gary Lippencourt paint them a Santa.Maine took a bit longer, perhaps waiting for the lawsuit to be fully filed, perhaps examining the evidence, or maybe they were just waiting for fallout from New York s reversal. The state s official statement came out on the heels of a press release by the Shelton Brothers after retaining Carpinello.

New York, the first to ban the beer label that year, was also the first to fold. Or would have, if Carpinello s case hadn t been so sound the first time around. Connecticut s reasoning, the same reason which was paraphrased by New York and Maine, was that depicting such images appealed to children, and could lead to an increase in underage drinking. Either way, on December 22, 2006, the Maine Bureau of Liquor Enforcement mailed Shelton to inform him of their decision to reverse the ruling against Santa s Butt Winter Porter. Santa, or his visage, would be everywhere and on everything following Thanksgiving.

When it was reviewed by the New York State Liquor Authority General Counsel, it passed without issue. Dan Shelton retained Albany based attorney George Carpinello to bring suit against New York.In Maine, the Maine Civil Liberties Union (MCLU) helped the Shelton Brothers file suit against the Maine Bureau of Liquor Enforcement (MBLE) on those very same grounds.

According to his logic, the iconic images of Santa Claus, elves, and reindeer appealed to smaller children, not those likely cosmetic packaging suppliers to buy his beer.Though he had acquiesced in 2005, Shelton was not going to let two states ruin Christmas in 2006. The colder months mean that the heavier beers sell better, and beer aficionados love their holiday themed beverages.For Dan Shelton, and for the Ridgeway beers he imports from England, this wasn t the first holiday beer that he d had blocked

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